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Common Rules and Regulations which apply to all styles


Medical Examinations
Prior to each event, athletes are obligated to perform a medical examination by the Organizations Doctor. Athletes shall present their selves to the Doctor along with their Passbook, while the Doctor needs to stamp it in order to prove that the athlete completed the medical examination with success.  The examination is free of charge. Athletes with no stamped Passbook or no passbook at all, will be excluded from the event.

Weight Control

Each athlete must officially have their weight verified and participation form stamped by the weight in official. Athletes are permitted to weight in once only. Weight applies only for those participating in fighting styles.


Athletes on Time Show Up for all contests styles
Athletes are obligated to show up on time and proceed to their colored side (red or blue). When the first athlete shows up, a 30 seconds countdown starts.  If the opponent does not appear within those 30 seconds, the first athlete will be declared winner.

Athletes on Time Show Up for all fighting styles

When a fight number appears on the sign next to the tatami, a time limit of 1 minute will be given to the athletes, in order to step into the tatami, with complete safety equipments. A Yellow Card will be given to the fighter who will not be into the tatami until the time limit of 1 minute.

A Second Yellow Card will be given at 2 minutes. The fighter who is not on the tatami after 3 minutes, will be given a Red Card and lose the fight.



In case of a yellow card points are added to the opponent score:

Please advise the following table

1st Yellow Card

+1 point to the opponent

2nd Yellow Card

+2 points to the opponent

Red Card




Athletes Passbook
Each Athlete has to show their Passbook to the Secretariat before each event. The passbook will be returned to athletes after the end of the routine and will include the official result. Valid Passbooks shall have an attached picture of the athlete, the doctors’ examination result, as well as the ISDO verification stamp.

ProtestOnly trainers have the right to object. Trainers shall fill in the Objections Form and pay in advance the Objections Fee (50 Euro). The fee will be refunded only if the protest is accepted.

Only one person can be present on each athlete’s side. Coaches will have to remain seated during their athlete’s performance or fight.


Athletes Disqualification due to bad attitude
Athletes that were disqualified due to bad attitude has no right to continue participate in other divisions. Also they will not receive the medal which they may have won. The medal will be awarded to the runner upof the fighting tree.

Official World Championship Divisions

Only divisions which include at least 3 different countries are considered as Official Divisionsin World Championships.

In case the above criteria do not meet, then these divisions will not count as a World Championship Result but as an Open Tournament Result. Different Medals will be provided to these athletes.

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