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Self Defence Organization

International Self Defence organization -ISDO- is a world-body created to unite all the martial arts and fighting sports that promote Self Defence and has members-schools in more than 50 countries.

Our main goals are to create tactics and techniques of Self Defence through the international conferences, seminars and World Championships. ISDO is not just another Self Defence club or school, but well- known and widely-recognized Federation with official Constitution and official activities which organizes high level World Championships and Inter-continental Championships in the form of a contest.

One of the main aims of ISDO is to organize seminars having as professors the biggest world names of Self Defence. ISDO provides certificates of Color and Black Belts, and instructors’ degrees.

It is one of the world bodies that do not charge any registration or annual membership fee.

Members of ISDO have many privileges and opportunities for a high level development through the best federation in the world.



Etymologically the word ‘self defence’ means the total of techniques and methods that somebody uses when facing a danger or threat.

Whatever energies somebody uses must be according to Law and the current time.

Subject of Self Defence is the link that unites all the Martial Arts, as the main goal of any style of Martial Arts is practice and Self Defence.

The main characteristic of the Self Defence are the following:

1. A Self Defence priority – methods and tactics, and only then techniques

2. Self Defence has no rules

3. All tactics and applying techniques in self defence situations must be within the law

4. In Self Defence situations very important is the psychological aspect

5. In Self Defence every practice must include realistic scenarios


However, it is almost impossible to practice in a fully realistic base, since every self defence situation involves special characteristics and unexpected factors.

Therefore ISDO, through its programs and championships, aims to simulate the realistic situations as much as possible.

ISDO fighting styles make all possible efforts to prepare the practitioner psychologically and physically to use Self Defence in the realistic situations.

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