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Fighting styles

ISDO creates the fighting styles in the National and International Championships that are the following:


Shadow fighting. Shadow fighting is the basic part of the practice where practitioner practices the technique, movement, coordination –basic elements necessary in Self Defence

Super kicks. Kicks are the strongest weapon and the main tool in the realistic Self Defence

PAO training. Practice of punching and kicking in PAO helps the practitioner to develop strong kicks and coordination

Modern Guard techniques contain realistic self defence scenarios in which involves practice with the partner. In those scenarios the practitioner can apply all the combination of techniques (strikes, kicks, joint logs and etc.)

Traditional Guard techniques involves all the characteristics mentioned in the previous technique, with exception that the attack is with technique

Hard forms. Practice in soft and hard form is for the practitioners that practices without a partner.

First Point fight. The first strike is of vital importance in a self defence situation. First Point fight is a pioneer fight and teaches the practitioner to respond immediately

Free Contact fight. In a usual street fight situation, the fight lasts for about 10-15 min. Practice in Free Contact simulates the tension of a realistic situation

Koshiki Fight is for the advanced Self Defence practitioners, since it contains full simulation of a real fight with the use of strikes, kicks, knee, low kicks and etc

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